Hi, my name is IRKO and I'm a Multi Platinum Award Winning Audio Engineer. In the last 15 years I have Mixed and Recorded 1000+ Songs published Worldwide. Born and raised in Italy, I have grown to enjoy books, fine food, good company and aesthetics..


    Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez, Kanye West, Pitbull, Rick Ross, Diddy, David Guetta, Fabolous, Kid Cudi, Kevin Gates, Collie Buddz, Kirko Bangz, Talib Kweli, Redman, 88-Keys, Lil Mo, Bilal, Akon, Rye Rye, Blaqstarr, M1 (Dead Prez), the Dilated Peoples, Sweet Leda, the Alchemist, Colin Munroe, J*Davey, Albe Back, Izza Kizza, Mndr, Coultrain, Snoop (from the Wire), Taylor Dayne, D-Train, Kenny Dubb, Shurland Ayers, Fabrizio Sotti, Flamm, Jennifer Denali, Steven Leitch, The New Tarot, J Oliver, ...

    The iconic 'made in Italy' tag has become synonymous with elegance, desirability and clearly represents the legendary Italian quality of craftsmanship. With that rich heritage embedded in me, my goal is to make your Song shine at its best.
    My Mixing process is deeply precise, just what you might expect from an Engineer whose career depends on meticulous and uncompromising attention to detail. No two Songs are ever the same but I dedicate my complete attention to a number of mutual aspects, like the specific vision, focus, proportions, punch and energy trends of the piece. I carefully refine the intelligibility, sonics, depth, width, soundscape, brightness, integrity, charisma, message, recognizability and forwardness. This and more is done to consolidate your creation into a timeless one of a kind experience.
    My work is cherished by your favorite stars. I have years of experience at the disposal of sophisticated international clientele. The best thing about it is that you can be part of the exclusive 'click' and have a lifetime to enjoy your Music Mixed by
    IRKO, the Audio Nutritionist.

    Quick snippets showing the difference between how the Songs sound before and after my Mix. Each snippet starts off with the original version then switches to my Mix and it keeps interchanging likewise. Snippets are 128kbs. Full band versions are available under request. For the best listening experience, play them all the way through on good speakers.


    Joshua Sarubin, A&R. New York City - New York

    "You made it WAAAY better, man it sounds great to me! Thanks again you ROCK."

    Q Holla, Artist. Baltimore - Maryland

    "The mixes are excellent!! U did a phenom job. Wow bro!!! Significant difference.. U brought out the true essence of the song.. Thank you again bro."

    Jim Bruce, Label owner. Galloway - Ohio

    "Thank you the great job you did on Buckeye Boys as recorded by J Koontz. Thanks again to my A&R Sean Colopy who recommended you to me."

    Anthony Giles, Producer. New York City - New York

    "Very proud of how the mix came out @IrkoStudiobeat did an amazing job. Start to finish the song sounds Like an event."

    Sarah J Fox, Artist. Nassau - Bahamas

    "Lovely experience. I feel honored to work with you. Very excited! Thank you Irko you are a master ;) I love it. It sounds so a m a z i n g. love love love it."

    Darren Sains, Producer. New York City - New York

    "Your mix is f***ing incredible man. I absolutely love the test mix.. Bananas." "DOPE! Song is very crisp; Nice job on matching the vocs, bassline. Thumbs up, gotta drop it in the hummer tomorrow." "The mix kicks ass man. Thanks."

    Adam Piccoli, Drummer. West Palm Beach - Florida

    "It sounds incredible. Can't wait for everyone to hear it! Thank you once again!"

    James Anthony, Artist. New York City - New York

    "This dude Irko is f***ing awesome."

    Jhai, Artist. Washington - District of Columbia

    "HUGE THANKS to Irko for all you have done! Amazing talent! Amazing blessing! AMAZING!" "I just wanted to say thanks again for all your help. I really appreciated it. The mix is incredible!!"

    Roro, Producer/Artist. Okinawa - Japan

    "…Yea i just got done listening to it! Wow! Im speechless. I really like it." "I really like the breakdowns, changes and how you just brought the whole beat to Life!" "i really liked how big you the song sound now....it sounds alot clearer."

    D-Lyfe, Dj/Producer. Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


    Peter Wade, Producer. New York City - New York

    "Mastering now - mix sounds sick. Thanks again brother."

    Jeri Nova, Producer. Las Vegas - Nevada

    "it sounds way cleaner. you made it seem way more natural. you are the man. The artist asked me to check your schedule for other mixes"

    Laurence Woo Allen, Producer. London - United Kingdom

    "Irko the genius mixing MONSTA!"

    Priya, Artist. Freehold - New Jersey

    " i loveeeeee it!!! omg totally exactly what i envisioned in my head. hanks so much Irko!!!! :) :) :)"

    Starr B., Artist. Baltimore, MD

    "I had a wonderful session with you. I have a feeling many more are in our future :-) IRKO will always hold that spot of my favorite audio engineer. Great working with you."

    Kenny Williams, Producer. Anchorage - Alaska

    "OMG u nailed it bro! How did u work with her vocals so well? I could never do that" "I'm listening to the unmixed version right now its so weak" "Awesome !! You're the best !" "Just heard the mixed version...Irko is a beast....He's platinum for a reason"

    88-Keys, Producer/Artist. New York City - New York

    "Artists/Music Producers... If you want your mixes to come out PERFECT then hit Irko (trust me on this one!)" "not to sh*t on your guy or anything but if you REALLY want to "stunt" get my engineer Irko to mix the crap out of ur song"

    Pharaoh Future Paige, Producer/Artist. Buffalo - New Yok

    ""We're excited over here man. You're the best Irko." "Anyone looking to have your record sound how they are suppose to, this is your guy!"

    Alessio Centenaro, Producer. Venice - Italy

    "Final mix sounds good! Waiting for the final master... Well done Irko... Thanks!"

    Lisa Maito, Artist. Zurich - Switzerland

    "This guy is my 'mister knister sound mixer'! He is a great sound engineer, he took my dusty songs to radiate like never before. Love your ears!"

    Albe Back, Artist. New York City - New York

    "Irko took the sound of the whole album to another level!"
    "Irko, the greatest sound man in the biz hands down!"

    Blaqstarr, Artist. Los Angeles - California

    "(the mix is) PURE Epicness. Perfecto mondo."

    Toot Mace, Manager. Washington - District of Columbia

    "I just want to thank you for doing a great job, loving working with you."
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